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Fuel economy labelling progamme

The fuel economy labelling programme is looked after by EECA in consultation with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA). We've moved the fuel economy label generator to the EECA website and made it easier for everyone - traders and private sellers - to produce the vehicle information and labels they need.

If you have any questions about fuel economy labels contact EECA on 0800 749 782 or email fuel.economy@eeca.govt.nz

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Only enter one option at a time. Use VIN or Plate number if the car was first registered in New Zealand more than two days ago (the database is updated with VIN data nightly) - otherwise try Chassis number.


What's the VIN and where do I find it?

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique, 17-character number, which is assigned and attached to a motor vehicle. A VIN can be:

  • stamped into the vehicle structure (often the firewall) during manufacture
  • stamped on a metal plate and fixed onto the vehicle body
  • etched onto the rear window of the vehicle.

Read NZTA's factsheet for more information.



Or, for other vehicles, use:


What's the Chassis number and where do I find it?

The Chassis number is the manufacturer's numbering system and varies in format depending on both the manufacturer and the jurisdiction in which the car was first registered. The chassis number will be on a metal plate on the firewall of the car.

In New Zealand, chassis numbers are only routinely recorded for used imports.

If the car is a used import


What's the Model code and where do I find it?

The Model Code used in the database is provided by new car manufacturers to identify cars of the same make, model and sub-model. It will be provided by the manufacturer along with other information about the car. There have been a few cases where the model code supplied by the manufacturer to the database is slightly different from the model code given to the trader.

If the model code you are using does not generate a label, check with the manufacturer.

If it's a new car direct from the manufacturer

If you have a Japanese export certificate, try:


What's the Model code and where do I find it?

The model code can be found on an export certificate near the top just below the dates - it looks something like this "CBA-ACD03"

You must fill in both of these fields


What's the Variant and where do I find it?

The variant is described as the "classification number" on an export certificate - on the last row of details between the "specification number" and the "length"

Select a label if you want to display it on a car, or text information if you want to use it in a website listing or elsewhere. The print file can include multiple labels.

Fuel information

Make and model:

Star rating:

Yearly cost:





To add a label for another vehicle: Repeat Step 1

To print the label, you'll first need to create a PDF, and you'll need Adobe Reader installed, you can download it here. Make sure you choose "Clear all labels" after you printed a set of labels.

To add a label for another vehicle: Repeat Step 1      Get Adobe Reader

To add a label for another vehicle: Repeat Step 1

WARNING: The Fuel Economy Label layout and content must not be altered in any way, in accordance with regulation 6 sections (4)(5)(6) of the Energy Efficiency (Vehicle Fuel Economy Labelling) Regulations 2007, but it may be made larger (reg 6(6)(a)). These regulations also include the requirement to "Clearly and prominently" display the label.

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